There are amazing perfumes as melodies we do remember. Musical and olfactory notes travel all around us before taking the evanescent path to the heart. Mainly made up of natural raw materials, the olfactory creations of Puccini perfumes are created in Grasse and safely kept in exceptional flacons. A meticulous craftsmanship that sublimates fragrances and holds them inside genuine collector’s items. As scents slowly unveil, a musical score is then played, top notes twirl around in a musical fashion, supported by heart and base notes. An image spun and told with elegance and refinement. Through the nobility of the essences, Puccini perfumes allow the mind’s escape, an incomparable mixing of the senses that shows a unique French savoir-faire in respect of high-end perfumery.


Avenue Emiliano R. Fernandez 144 Via Brasil Building 11th Floor
Ciudad del Este • Paraguay
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