Top Notes: Spruce, ginger root, lavender and canopy green

Heart Notes: Jasmine, apple and cinnamon

Base Notes: American mohagany, cedar and musk

Animale Black

Show everyone you have a wild side when you wear Animale Black. Untamed masculinity, unrestrained attraction, and a confident swagger emerge when night falls and inhibitions fade to BLACK. This unique fragrance for men features an aromatic blend of spicy notes such as ginger and cinnamon combined with a woodsy mahogany base scent. Subtle floral hints of lavender and jasmine bring a fresh feel to this fragrance. These notes represent a captivating scent that stimulates a man's inhibitions. A fragrance that represents mystery, masculinity, spontaneity, rebellion, seduction, confidence, secrecy, depht, and sophistication. This lively scent is well-suited for a day at the office or for a dinner with friends.

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