Top Notes: Lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, passion fruit, apple, wild strawberry and peach

Heart Notes: Rose, jasmine, raspberry, mango, plum, green leaf and pineapple

Base Notes: Cedar, musk, caramel, sandalwood, amber and vanilla

Laloa in Paris

Gilles Cantuel fragrances are full of playfulness, romance, and sensuality! If you are really looking for something special, then Gilles Cantuel perfumes are the perfect choice. Laloa in Paris is a feminine perfume for a contemporary woman, a fragrance inspired by the astral woman, romantic and at the same time modern. The woman who wears Laloa in Paris is glamorous and always at ease with herself. She is extremely feminine, delicate and loves expressing her emotions! The exquisite combination of the freshest fruit and blossoming flowers will enchant you immediately. Bring a few drops of originality and sensuality into your daily life with the magical French perfumes by Gilles Cantuel. It is the perfect fragrance to accompany the female woman, romantic and fun in their daily commitments.

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