Top Notes: Lemon, neroli, sage

Heart Notes: Geranium, green notes, leather.

Base Notes: Amber, cedar, tobacco, teak

Pure Dreamer

Karen Low Pure Dreamer is an exquisite fragrance with a rich bouquet of woody floral notes that leave no doubt about the refined taste and impeccable style of its owner. The composition reveals a subtle grace of the juicy Tuscan lemon, which sharpens the senses and conquers with its noble elegance. The heart of the pyramid pulses with sparkling patchouli motifs that combine mesmerizing freshness and mesmerizing sensuality. The sound of the perfume completes the warm chord, which is based on soft skin, leaving behind a true aftertaste of musky and amber tones. Relaxed image, this is exactly what you need, enjoy it and be happy.

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